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247 PPH offers the best per head software for the price per head

Our English-speaking staff is always available to address all of your customer service needs in a professional manner. Whether you’re looking for reports or simply need access to accounts (yours or your players’), we are always here with the information you require. Your players are able to wager 24/7 by phone or on the internet.

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Our technical team has supplied our data center with redundancy vital services like power supply and internet. Additionally our data center is located in a storm proof facility.

247pph has customer satisfaction as one of our top priorities. We want you to experience premium PPH services for only $10 per head. Start your free two week trial today!

Key Fetures
Player Management Detailed information for all your players

The Player Management report gives you detailed information for all of your players.

Payments Manager Keep track of your players

The payment option helps you keep track of players with a line of credit that have made a payment to you.

Agent Exposure Breakdown fo players and sub-agents

The Agent Exposure report gives you a breakdown fo players and sub-agents so you know what you have at risk in real time.

Player Totals Weekly Balances and Player Totals

The Weekly Balances Report shows how many players you hav active every day of the week, their total wagers, volumes, wins and losses.

Open Bets and Bet Ticker Open Bets Report

The Open Bets report whos all live pending wagers, where they were taken, who took the wager, the time the wager was taken and the details of the wager.

Financial Reports See your cash flow

The financial Reports allow you to see your cash flow, agent adjustments, weekly payments and setted firures. Never keep a hand ledger again thanks to all of the financial tools.

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Price per head is a service that local bookies are beginning to make more use of. It allows the local bookies to take their services online while maintaining a professional and personal touch to their business.

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